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Liquid in bladder Hidryl pulsation dampener.

Hidryl-com, the answer to Hydril dampers. PulseGuard pulsation dampeners full opening gives easier service then Hydril dampeners.

Hydril bought Flowguard, who were owned for a short time by Wier who dumped them, then Hydril were themselves taken over by Tenaris, who got rid of them to GE, so burying the Hydril and Flowguard damper business even deeper from the needs of the users.

The Flowguard, now aka Hydril PCBs Ltd., subsidiary of Hydril, sells dampners copied by ex-Hydrotrole Ltd. employees. These PCBs "copies" neglected the use of essential quality features. These dampeners do not have the bladder stabilizing tension webs.

The PCB "copies" allow the anti-extrusion plate to hang loose from the damper bladder. Since the introduction of these designs, there is an enormously increasing requirement for "BLADDERLESS DAMPENERS". From Alaska to Zambia the buzz word is - we need dampers without any of those gas bag bladders in them.

The PipeHugger pulsation damper range we offer since 1978 against the Hydril has many advantages over the Hydril mud pump accumulator dampener, and the PipeGuard pulsation damper has all the features neglected by Hydril "PCBs"

Even the name Flowguard looks like a play on our registered trade names, both PulseGuard and ShockGuard names, by our ex employees.

See then the dampener difference below.

Pulsation dampers and mud pump accumulators Featuring full diameter opening ease of service with tension web bladder control and stable anti-extrusion plates Hydril Accumulators Hydril Accumulators Hydril Accumulators See the bad "copy" below. See the bad "copy" below. See it RUN See it RUN See it RUN Other Views PulseGuard PipeHugger HP - To work in place of Hydril IP 20 PulseGuard PipeHugger HP - To work in place of Hydril IP 10 PulseGuard PipeHugger HP - To work in place of Hydril IP 5.0 PulseGuard PipeHugger HP - To work in place of Hydril IP 2.5 PulseGuard PipeHugger HP - To work in place of Hydril IP 1.0 PulseGuard PipeHugger HP - To work in place of Hydril IP 0.5 PipeHugger Drawings Menu PipeGuard Drawings Menu PulseGuard Gas Bag Type Volumes The ALTERNATIVE Neater, Stronger, Compact, Intercepts High Frequency, Gives In-Place Flushing LOWEST INSTALLED COST PLUS Flow Smoothing PLUS Pulse Interception PulseGuard "Y-T" Bases FULL DIAMETER ENTRY PERFORMANCE With PipeHugger BEFORE all this stuff consider the ALTERNATIVE COST MORE TO INSTALL THEN IT DOES TO BUY Small orifice (throat) PALIATIVE A Hydril type IP series & K prevent performance small entry, & no flow-thru. THE DIFFERENCE IS IN THE DETAIL The "PipeGuard" reliability. 1966 Original cushion corner PipeGuard bladders are held concave, the anti-extrusion plate is held stable, and is flat faced. PipeGuards have a cushion corner that prevents bag tearing when compressed around the header plug. See the bad "copy" below. Web With Flow-Thru Interception. The Original one piece molding damper bladder has the detail that ensures reliability, & has flow-thru pulsation interception performance. with no dome to jam the port hole side. PipeGuards have webs in the bag that keep the end concave so the anti-extrusion plate does not hang loose. header plug Hydril PCB Ltd FG Series aka XP Series Dampers All stretch can only come from the end. No cushion on the corner. FG series Damper bladders torn to shreds. Without any means of stabilization bladders expand off center line. Mini Flow Hole Bladders have flat bottoms that become a dome anti-extrusion "bottons" hang loose then jam and fall off. 1978 "copy" by FlowGuard omits the details that ensure reliability. GALLONS Drawings for PulseGuard Hidryl dampers for mud pumps in sizes 20, 10, 5, 2.5, 1, and .5 US Gallon

The reliability and usability of any damper accumulator, for PCBs or otherwise, is dependent on how easily the pulse can get in or out, and separator shape, not just claimed nominal volume.

For an accumulator design to perform, the liquid must be able to freely enter the damper design. The SMALL orifice into these PCB flawed designs, appears deliberately to restrict the flow rate by throttling the fluid.

The choking of free liquid velocity, causes a pressure rise, which is a source of pulsation, so these three apparently produce exactly the opposite of their implied result, full "dampening" .

Fluid path area reduction appears to come from a need to accommodate the end of the gas bag bladder going off center. PCB views etc - show a small hole, presumably in the vain hope that its anti-extrusion button may succeed in covering the mouth; so that their membranes don't vomit into the system.

In stark contrast to the PCB Hydril arrangements suspect performance and reliability, the PulseGuard Ltd "PipeHugger" and "PipeGuard" products, not only have larger porting, but also prevent even more pulsation amplitude by removing the need for directional reversal - because PulseGuard Ltd. equipment has both an in and a different out connection.

"THE DIFFERENCE IS IN THE DETAIL" No wonder the market now calls for BLADDERLESS dampers.

(Fluid Connection Options: Greyloc Hubs, Seaboard Lloyd, Tech Lock, Autoclave, Butech, Hammer Union 1502, Lug Nut, Weco Type, and others.)

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Pulsation dampers and mud pump accumulators / dampers featuring full diameter opening ease of service with tension web bladder control and stable anti-extrusion plates.
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